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Star Wars and LucasFilm Archives

Herein lie some photos that have taken a long time to make their way to be scanned and on the internet. They come from a trip taken by myself and six other to the Lucasfilm Archives in Marin county during spring break of 1991. It came as part of our USC Special Effects Club having trips over several days to the effects facilities of Northern California, including Colossal Studios, Matteworld, Phil Tippet's Creature Shop, and Industrial Light and Magic.

One of our members grew up in the area and knew Don Bies, who at that time was running the Lucasfilm Archives out of large warehouse, several miles from ILM. Don has since gone on to play Boba Fett in the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi, and acting as droid wrangler on the prequel films. He arranged for a small group of us to have a private, unguided and open tour of the archives. Not realizing that we would be allowed to take pictures, let alone video, only two of us had cameras; one with only three photos left, the other one roll of film. Alas, many photos would not be taken of the fun that we had that afternoon.

Here are the small handful of photos that exist of the archives as they existed in the early 1990's, just prior to it being relocated the Ranch. Enjoy!

Jay Shepard
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Boba Fett, Brian Keeney, Han Solo (in Carbonite) and Josh Ling

Death Star Droid, 8D-8, EV-9D9, and

Helmets for Wedge (ANH), Tusken Raider, and Darth Vader
Overview of the Archives from the upper level, p1
Overview of the Archives from the upper level, p2
Overview of the Archives from the upper level, p3
Looking up at the upper left of two costume storage areas
The T-16 Skyhopper model
The Cloud Car model
The Millennium Falcon museum model