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Star Wars and LucasFilm Archives

Here are the small handful of photos that exist of the archives as they existed in the early 1990's, just prior to it being relocated the Ranch. Enjoy!

Jay Shepard
jay @

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Dave Crowther chose, wisely.
Jay Shepard and Boushh
(clockwise, top) Josh Ling, Jay Shepard, jed Mortenson, David Crowther, Brian Keeney, & Josh Arsenault pose around the Executor
Biker Scout and Jay Shepard
Biker Scout and Brian Keeney
Biker Scout and Josh Ling
Jed Mortenson, David Crowther, Brian Keeney, Josh Ling, Jay Shepard, Josh Arsenault, & Michael Peters pose in front of the Death Star II

Visit to Tippett Studios - Phill Tippett, proprietor

Jim Trois and the Ebersisk.
Phil Tippett collected the bounty on this Rancor.