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A Side-by-Side comparison of Avatar: The Last Airbender and
The Clone Wars

When the trailer for The Clone Wars theatrical film made its debut, I was deeply ensconced in season one of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Dave Filoni, the director of the film was coincidently an episodic director for Avatar during it's first season. So when I saw the clone army assault on the Teth Monastery, I was immediately reminded of the Avatar episode, "The Northern Air Temple," directed by Dave Filoni.

What follows is a side by side comparison of that episode (#17 for season one, 2005), and the comparable imagery from The Clone Wars (2008) theatrical release.

Avatar - "The Northern Air Temple"
The Clone Wars
In Avatar, the Northern Air Temple and our heroes are at the top of the mountain defending against Fire Nation tanks that climb up on heavy chains, while Aang (the Avatar) flies around on his glider. The Clone Wars features the battle droids at the top of the Teth Mesa, and the heroes climb the side of the mountain with their AT-TE's, while STAPs fly around shooting at them.
Notice the composition of the Fire Nation tank as it moves past camera.

While the camera angles are reversed, the imagery is strikingly similar.

Again, the imagery of the tanks climbing up the wall as Aang flies past, is striking. Notice the same contrast of the AT-TE tank as it walks up the wall along with the clone troopers.
The Earth Nation gliders swoop by and attack the tanks. STAPs pilotd by battle droids swoop by and attack the Republic Forces.
Well, lookee here! Dave Filoni directed this episode! Roger, Roger! Incoming STAP's just prior to Anakin destroying them.

I enjoy that Dave Filoni found such a dramatic style for his action sequence in Avatar and decided to build and expande on it for The Clone Wars. I hope that you enjoyed seeing these comparisons as much as I had putting them together.

updated: 09/02/2012