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The following represents an exhaustive list of changes between the "original version" of the Star Wars films (as exist on the Laserdiscs) and the 1997 "Special Edition" re-edits. The time code marks are approximations and are read as hh:mm:ss. With the DVD releases of the Trilogy in September, 2004, it appears that his list will need another update to include re-edits, re-dubbing and new shots that are being added to those versions. For now, enjoy this...

A New Hope | Empire Strikes Back | Return of the Jedi


Time Code Original Time Code SE Special Edition
0:10:52 Artoo enters Tatooine canyon 0:10:52 Added new sunset image and pan down from sky to Artoo entering canyon
0:12:37 Jawa Sandcrawler intro & sunset 0:12:37 Added more stylistic sunset
0:14:35 Sandcrawler drives into night (cloudy dusk) 0:14:35 Replaced sky with night sky with stars

0:14:41 Two stormtroopers, dewback in BG, Transport shuttle in BG, Stormtrooper scans horizon, Dewback trundles right, Shuttle takes off right, Two more Troopers walk by

0:14:55 Dewback, Stormtrooper enters right and left
0:14:40 Stormtroopers in FG, Dewback in BG, wipe to next shot 0:15:00 Dewback in BG now moves, wipe to new shot
0:14:53 Sandcrawler comes over ridge 0:15:10 New shot of Sandcrawler coming over ridge, more dynamic and closer to camera, approx 10 sec more
0:15:58 Wide shot of Lars homestead, Sandcrawler on left side of screen 0:16:19 The shot has a slight push in associated with it now
0:20:30 Shots of virtual Leia in garage 0:20:45 The beam appears to be bluer and more prominent, as in other shots of Leia’s holograph
0:25:57 Luke scanning the horizon in search of Artoo 0:26:18 The macrobinocular image appears bluer and the numbers on the readouts are green, not yellow, The sky around Luke is a bluish-sunset rather than the original red
0:26:03 Closeup of Luke and Threepio 0:26:24 Sunset is blue not red
0:26:56 Landspeeder speeding left to right along horizon 0:27:17 Cleaned up shadow of speeder, approx 1 second longer, Speeder now enter frame
0:31:42 Exterior Ben’s home 0:32:04 New matte painting of exterior with slight push-in
0:33:03 Luke tries Lightsaber 0:33:25 Blade has been cleaned up, as in all shots witth lightsabers
0:39:15 Luke drives off 0:39:36 Cleaned up speeder shadow
0:41:34 Landspeeder driving left to right, behind rocks 0:41:57 Raised speeder so the bottom is now visable over the ridge
0:41:42 Wide shot of Mos Eisley in valley 0:42:05 Added more buildings and ships flying to the matte painting
0:41:54 Landspeeder drives away from camera, into Mos Eisley 0:42:19 There are some new buildings and ‘scurriers’ runing around, ships are evident in the sky

0:42:21 A probe droid pesters an ASP droid in front of a Transport, the Landspeeder drives by L to R, camera pans with it and booms up

0:42:35 Speeder drives away from camera down populated street
0:41:57 Another model of Landspeeder drives by, Man walks by in FG 0:42:40 Speeder moves out right of frame, A Jawa is riding a Ronto that gets spooked by in an incoming Swoop rider
0:42:02 Speeder pulls up towards camera stopping for Trooper patrol, a green/white R2 move by R to L in FG 0:42:51 The R2 unit has been replaced by a Ronto walking by, the Stormtrooper’s dialog in this scene is about 1 second faster in delivery than in original
0:42:20 Stormtrooper: “We don’t need to see his identification.” 0:43:09 A probe droid flies by behind the Trooper
0:42:36 Medium shot of Trooper and Speeder, Trooper: “Move along.” 0:43:25 A Ronto is in the background

0:43:28 Wide, high angle shot of Mos Eisley, showing the crashed hull of the Dowager Queen
0:42:39 Speeder drive L to R thru town 0:43:32 Removed the ‘force-field’ under the Speeder, Added pet Ronto on a leash for the passerby in FG, some spaceships are also in the sky
0:42:44 The speeder pulls up to camera and a Jawa inspects it 0:43:39 A Ronto has been added in the BG
0:43:05 Relatively static shot of Exterior entrance of Cantina 0:43:59 Added some spacecraft in sky, teh Dewback moves and two patrons now enter the Cantina
0:43:19 Pan with heroes entering Cantina 0:44:12 The Dewback now moves and grunts
0:43:36 Single shot of Lak Sivrak 0:44:30 A new alien has taken his place, the snake-looking one (aka, Melas, a Sarkan; which is the back half of the other new alien we see later)
0:44:59 Shot of Lamproid, Wolfman and Devaronian 0:45:45 Again removed Wolfman in favor of a new alien, ‘Slurpy’ (aka Ketwol, a Pacithhip)
0:46:10 Droids watch man talking to Troopers 0:47:03 The Dewback in the BG now moves as well as a FG Dewback and rider
0:48:28 Luke and Ben leave Cantina 0:49:22 Dewback near door moves

0:50:22 New shot, Greedo fires first and then Han blasts him
0:50:21 Stormtroopers seraching alleyway 0:51:14 Probe droid has been added hovering with the Stormtroopers
0:50:51 (?) Luke sells his Speeder at a the lot 0:51:44 (?) A Ship or a bird has been added to the background sky

0:52:09 New Sequence:Wide shot Falcon with Jabba outside; Two shot Solo and Chewie; MS Jabba; Solo; WS Jabba; 2 shot Han and Jabba; Chewie; 2 shot Han and Jabba as Jabba exits and Boba Fett walks in
0:51:31 Dissolve from Garindan taling into comlink to Cast entering Docking Bay 94 0:53:58 There is no dissolve now

0:55:04 High angle of Bay 94 with Falcon lifting up and out
0:52:37 Falcon flies away from city, view from road with Troopers watching 0:55:07 Same shot with CG Falcon, bigger in frame and more dynamic movement
0:56:06 Alderaan explodes 0:58:37 The explosion has been enhanced with a shockwave element
1:24:36 Han chases Stormtroopers around corner and into dead end 1:27:07 Now Han runs into a whole Garrison of Troopers at a Docking Bay, TIE Fighter can be seen in BG
(?) Chasm sequence (?) There is more echo on the voices
1:35:01 Falcon heading toward Yavin 1:37:32 A closer pass of the CG Falcon
1:35:08 Falcon flying to Yavin, under the planet which is on top half of screen 1:37:39 The Falcon now rounds Yavin which is in the top left of screen
1:35:22 Tower Guard tracks ship 1:37:52 The Falcon is now bigger as it flies in and lands
1:35:29 Exterior Temple 1:37:59 The Temple facade has been enhanced with a new Matte painting
1:40:06 Luke turns from Leia, walks under his X-Wing, WS of hangar 1:42:37 The shot of Luke turning and walking away from Leia starts earlier, cut to WS of hangar, Luke walks under the X-Wing and continues into a meeting with Biggs and Red Leader
1:40:13 Luke walks up and gets in his ship 1:43:05 Biggs says goodbye to Luke and Luke turns to get into his ship (this looks like the end of the original shot, but it’s an alternate take)
1:41:30 Ships launch from Temple 1:44:27 New shot: different background and CG ships taking off
1:41:49 X-Wings pass by Yavin from behind camera toward Death Star 1:44:46 New shot: Start with Fleet heading towards camera with Yavin in BG and pan with them to...
1:41:56 Front view of fleet 1:44:50 ...Fleet heading towards Death Star
1:42:15 S-foils locking into attack position 1:45:12 New shot: with CG models
1:42:48 Four X-wings drop out of upper right frame 1:45:45 New shot: Death Star is now BG and the X-wings drop dramatically away from camera towards Death Star
1:42:52 X-Wing spins toward camera 1:45:49 New shot:
1:42:57 Two X-Wings fly by tower 1:45:54 New shot:
1:42:58 Two X-Wings launch away from Death Star 1:45:55 New shot:
1:43:18 Luke pulls thru explosion 1:46:15 New shot:
1:44:07 Lone X-Wing over Death Star 1:47:04 New Shot: More ships are now visible
1:44:35 TIE chases Biggs X-Wing R to L 1:47:32 New shot:
1:44:45 TIE follows Biggs 1:47:42 New shot:
1:44:48 TIE follows Biggs closer 1:47:45 New shot:
1:44:52 Luke joins chase from under camera 1:47:49 New shot:
1:44:57 TIE goes by under camera, Luke follows 1:47:54 New shot:
1:45:35 TIE on Luke’s tail R to L 1:48:33 New shot:
1:45:41 Wedge follows TIE L to R 1:48:38 New shot:
1:45:46 Interior TIE: on X-Wing 1:48:43 New shot: Wedge is now visible from the beginning of the shot
1:45:50 Continuation of previous shot with Wedge coming into frame 1:48:47 New shot:
1:45:51 TIE explodes, cut to Wedge flying away 1:48:48 New shot: TIE explodes and 2 X-Wings fly thru it and away
1:48:14 First bomber group going in with two ships, cut to third X-Wing dropping in 1:51:11 New shot: New Death Star BG, it’s all one shot with the first two X-Wings dropping in and then the third
1:49:17 Red Leader pulls out of trench with explosion around him 1:52:14 New shot:
1:53:28 Falcon flies by R to L after Vader get blasted away 1:56:25 New shot:
1:53:41 Two X-wings, a Y-Wing and the Falcon fly away from the Death Star 1:56:38 New shot:
1:53:45 Death Star Explodes 1:56:42 Enhanced explosion with more explosions and a shockwave ring
1:55:14 Wide Shot at Ceremony in Massassi temple 1:58:11 Cleaned up composite of Rebels closest to camera

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Time Code Original Time Code SE Special Edition
0:6:17 Han: “You could use a good kiss!” 0:6:17 Line removed
0:6:34 Threepio: “Switch off.” 0:6:34 Artoo now blats after Threepio’s line
0:8:19 Empty shot of Wampa’s cave 0:8:19 New shot: Wampa eating the Tauntaun w/ audio intro of next shot of Luke

0:8:39 New shot: CU of Wampa eating, he reacts to Luke’s noise
0:9:02 Wampa’s body moving behind stalagtites 0:9:07 New shot: Wampa stands up
0:9:11 WS of Luke cuting himself free 0:9:19 As Luke falls the Wampa’s body is now seen entering frame right

0:9:24 New shot: Wampa with missing arm, howling
0:9:27 Sound added: Lightsaber retracting
0:9:36 Sound added: Luke grunts as he rolls down snow hill
0:10:34 Sound added: Luke huffs and puffs as he falls into frame L to R
0:10:55 Sound added: Luke grunts as he falls into snow
0:13:08 Luke’s second “Ben!” is much weaker
0:14:02 Han: “Until I get the shelter built.” 0:14:14 Han: “Until I get the shelter up.”
0:14:15 Luke now says: “Ben! Dagobah!” while Han puts him in the Tauntaun
  Threepio: “It’s good to see you fully functional again.” 0:16:20 Sound added: Luke: “Thanks Threepio.”
0:17:49 Sound added: One more “Headquarters personel report to Command Center.” broadcast issued
0:24:25 Voice: “The first transport is away.” 0:24:56 The timing of the voice is different, could be different voice
0:28:29 Enhanced cable around Walker legs
  Threepio: “...”, “Do take good care of yourself.” 0:29:24 Added sound: “and” between lines
0:29:46 Enhanced smoke on speeders in BG
0:33:21 Han: “I’ll get her out on the Falcon.” 0:33:30 Sound added: Han now adds “Come on.” as he grabs Leia
0:35:25 Wedge: “Good luck Luke. See you at the rendez-vous.” 0:35:35 The dialog is about a second later than before
0:35:48 Shots of Artoo in the back of the X-Wing, his dome colors are black 0:35:57 Artoo is now blue
0:39:40 Threepio: “Oh, this is suicide!” 0:39:39 Sound added: Threepio now adds “There’s nowhere to go.”
0:40:06 Artoo in back of X-Wing in orbit around Dagobah 0:40:15 Artoo has been colored blue here as well
0:43:09 Luke: “You’re lucky you don’t taste very good.” 0:43:20 Dialog change, Luke: “You were lucky to get out of there.”
0:59:54 Wipe to reveal Dagobah with creature fly by 1:00:04 Creature flies thru a little later than previously
  Yoda and Luke travel thru the jungle as Yoda explains the Force 1:00:40 Yoda’s dialog in this scene has been made louder
1:02:38 Artoo noise added prior to cut

1:15:31 New shot: Slave I following Falcon in space
1:17:21 Crew in cockpit of Falcon, looking out towards Bespin 1:17:37 New BG plates of clouds, sunset motiff now prevalent in all new mattes
1:18:11 Final shot in approach to Cloud City, wipe to landing 1:18:28 Added new ship in lower left, recomped and raised Falcon and Cloud Cars, more cityscape evident on top of Cloud City

1:18:29 New shot: Sam interior cockpit shot, but BG has elements of the city visible

1:18:33 New shot: High pan R to L of Falcon and Cloud Cars zooming by buildings

1:18:36 New shot: Falcon rounds building and comes toward camera and drops toward landing pad
1:18:13 The Falcon lands on the Platform 1:18:44 Falcon lands, new BG, the landing ramp actually goes down now
1:19:03 High angle shot of landing platform, Lando and guards approach Han and Falcon 1:19:35 Enhanced BG matte, air train speeds by
1:20:15 Cast walks towards camera, away from Falcon into Cloud City 1:20:46 Enhanced BG matte, with air traffic
1:20:34 Cast walks by window, Lando: “Supply problems...” 1:21:05 New exterior view out window with Cloud Car flyby
1:20:37 Same shot as 1:20:34 as cast walks down hallway 1:21:08 New exterior view at end of hallway
1:21:09 Threepio: “Hello. Hello.” 1:21:40 Threepio only says “Hello” once now
1:24:11 Exterior WS of Cloud City, morning, Cloud Car flies towards city 1:24:42 Enchanced shot, no car flys by, a Tibanna Gas Refinary now floats on the left side of frame

1:24:46 New shot: follow behind Cloud Car as it swoops between buildings
1:24:15 Exterior of Leia’s apartment, Cloud Car flies by 1:24:54 Enhanced shot: New Cloud Car, new building, better composite of interior shot of Leia
1:24:33 Interior of Apartment, Leia talks to Han 1:25:12 Added Cloud Car flyby thru skylite, and removed some odd vanes in the skylight
1:25:43 Lando enters apartment 1:26:22 Sound added: Wookie roar
1:26:28 Cast walks down hall to dining room 1:27:07 New exterior matte painting at end of hall, where a wall was before
1:26:35 Cast walks by wall toward dining room 1:27:14 Added window with exterior view to an elevator outside
1:27:34 Artoo in X-Wing on way to Bespin 1:28:13 Artoo is now colored blue
1:41:26 Artoo scoots around hallway, Leia, Chewie and Lando run thru interior cooridor after Fett 1:42:06 Left hand wall removed giving the impression of being on a balcony, also added more hallway on the right side of the shot
1:41:43 Interior hallway with cast running away from camera 1:42:22 Gave windows to the right hand side of the shot and made Slave I visible on East platform
1:42:24 Luke falls down stairs in Freezing Chamber 1:43:24 Sound added: Luke grunts
1:43:32 Vader falls off platform, “Ahhhh.” 1:44:32 Sound changed: Vader now says “Unhhh.”
1:45:41 Lando goes to comlink speaker 1:46:21 Artoo’s arm raises up to terminal
  Artoo’s arm raises up to terminal   Lando goes to comlink speaker

1:46:27 New shot: Three people in interior corridor stop to listen to Lando’s plea

1:46:29 New shot: Exterior view of Cloud City with huge crowd listening to Lando’s plea, added an extra “Attention.” before saying “The Empire has taken control...”
  Artoo gets electrocuted 1:46:33 Artoo gets electrocuted
1:46:47 Interior hallway as Leia fires at Stormtroopers 1:47:30 New exterior views on right side of hallway
1:50:33 Luke falls down air shaft 1:51:20 Sound added: Luke now screams, and the composite of the shot has been cleaned up
1:52:32 Vader: “Bring me my shuttle 1:53:20 Sound changed: Vader: “Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival.”, the length of the shot has also been increased

1:53:24 New shot: WS of Vader and entourage walking on exterior catwalk towards his shuttle

1:53:48 New shot: Vader’s shuttle flies toward camera, away from Bespin

1:53:50 New shot: Vader’s shuttle approaches his Star Destroyer
1:53:22 Lando opens top hatch on Falcon 1:54:16 Enhanced shot, Lando opens ‘top hatch’ and a secondary hatch is visible and starts to open for next shot where another hatch just begins to open
1:53:38 Luke and Lando descend on elevator 1:54:32 A secondary hatch also exists in this shot

1:54:57 New shot: Vader’s shuttle lands in docking bay

1:55:05 Ramp lowers and Vader walks out of shuttle
2:00:28 Cast seen thru window on Medical Frigate 2:00:43 The shot has been recomposited and is much cleaner

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Time Code Original Time Code SE Special Edition
0:11:54 Intro shot of Rebo Band playing ‘Lapti Nek’ 0:11:54 Alternate version of original shot, with pan L to R to show Oola and Yarna d’al’ Gargan
  CU Sy Snootles   New shot: CU Rappertunie on harmonica
  Oola dancing in spotlight, Fat Dancer enters stage right 0:12:02 Wide shot, stage, singers enter
0:12:04 MS Jabba enjoying music and whipping chain   Oola dancing with Jabba in BG
  MS Oola in bright ligh, high kickin   CU Salacious Crumb looking stage right
  Pan up to Max on Keyboards   New shot: CU Rappertunie
  (1) Boba Fett, Jawa and Oriental Man walk in behind him, Jawa walks behind Boba   MS of Rebo, Droopy and Crumb
  Oola dancing, swinging head tails, higher vantage shot   Wide shot of Palace floor, Oola and Gargan dancing
  Snooty with Lando in BG   Wide shot stage, song ends
  Droopy blowing on his instrument 0:12:24 Oola and Gargan, Gargan bows

  Jabba: “Ah! Do that again!”

  New shot: Joh Yowza counting off, pan down to Rappertunie and back up to Joh

  New shot: Barquin Dan (Bith) and Doda Bodonawieedo (Rodian) play opening riff of song

  New shot: WS, Pan from Dan and Doda over to Singers

  New shot: MS, Snooty (now CG) with the three singers, Rystáll (?), Greeata (Rodian) and Lyn Me (Twi’lek)

  New shot: Ak-rev (Weequay) playing drums with Han in Carbonite hanging in BG
0:12:27 WS Jabba on throne (from behind him) with Oola and Yarna dancing 0:12:38 Alternate take of original 0:12:27 with Boba composite in FG

  New shot: ECU of Sy and her lips

  New shot: MS three singers

  New shot: Sy and Singers, pan left to Joh

0:12:51 (1) Shot of Boba Fett and Jawa (shorter than original)

  New shot: Wide shot stage Joh racing up to camera
  Two shot Max and Snooty with Carbonite Han in BG   Droopy and Max

  New shot: Two shot Ak-rev and Umpass-stay
  (2) MS Yarna doing the ‘push’ 0:13:00 (2) Yarna d’al’ Gargan doing the ‘push’ (starts a little later)

  New shot: Wide Shot Joh, Sy and singers

  Oola twirling, whipping chain

  Jabba pulling on chain   Two shot Jabba and Oola pulling on chain
  Oola pulling back on chain   Jabba licking his lips (this shot and the next are reversed from the original)
0:12:42 CU Jabba licking his lips   Oola pulls back on her chain (this shot and the previous are reversed from the original)
  Same WS as 0:12:27 with Oola pulling on her chain   New shot: CU of singers

  New shot: CU Sy

  From stage area, Oola and Jabba

0:13:15 New shot: Joh and singers

  Oola pulls back (breast pops out)

  CU Jabba (few less frames than original)

  Hand hits button
0:12:56 CU Floor opening under feet   CU Floor opens under feet
  Oola drops thru bottom of frame  
  Oola falls thru hole, throne moves over hole   Oola drops thru hole, throne moves over hole

0:13:21 New shot: Joh, Sy, Greeata, Lyn Me react

  New shot: Oola slides out of chute into pit

  (3) Crowd looking thru grate from inside of pit

  New shot: Oola stands up

  (4) End of crowd reaction shot with them looking into pit

  New shot: Oola looks up, reacting to OS noise

  Grate on Rancor cage moves up

  New shot: MS Oola looking scared

  WS crowd around pit from behind Jabba
0:13:09 Threepio peeks out of crowd 0:13:41 Threepio peeks out of crowd
  (4) Crowd looking into pit cheering  
  (3) Crowd thru grate  
0:13:16 Frog bowl; Jabba’s hand grabs one 0:13:43 Frog bowl; Jabba’s hand grabs one
0:13:59 Jabba “At last the mighty Chewbacca.” 0:14:26 Beginning of previous shot

0:14:28 New shot: Rystall, Boba Fett, & Lyn Me

0:14:30 End of Jabba shot
0:27:26 Luke is brought up from Rancor Pit 0:27:56 About 1 extra second to head of shot

0:29:07 New shot: Wipe from group leaving Palace to herd of Banthas; dissolve to shot of herd from distance, track left with Skiff flying in
0:28:40 Skiff flys towards camera 0:29:24 The shadows of the skiffs on the ground have been improved to seem like they are higher off ground, the walking characters on the Barge are also better
0:29:55 Barge pulls up to Sarlacc Pit 0:30:39 Added tentacles coming out of pit
0:29:59 Reveal shot of Sarlacc 0:30:44 Added beak and more tentacles to Sarlacc
0:30:04 Pan around toothy Sarlacc 0:30:49 Added beak and tentacles in slightly different version of shot
0:30:21 View of skiff from the Barge 0:31:06 Added tentacles and beak
0:31:01 Luke walks onto plank, angle down 0:31:47 Added tentacles and beak
0:31:38 First guard falls into Sarlacc 0:32:24 Added tentacles
0:31:45 Weequay 1 falls in 0:32:31 Added tentacles and beak
0:32:21 Luke jumps from skiff to skiff 0:33:07 Added top of tentacles at bottom of screen
0:32:39 Boba Fett falls into pit 0:33:25 Added tentacles and beak
0:32:42 Sarlacc ‘burps’ 0:33:28 Added tentacles
0:33:04 High angle of skiffs, guard 2 goes into pit 0:33:49 Added tentacles
0:33:07 Han leaning over towards Lando; Sarlacc in upper left 0:33:53 Added tentacles and beak
0:33:28 Skiff tilts 0:34:14 Added tentacles to bottom
0:33:30 Chewie grabs Hans legs 0:34:16 Added ropes around Hans legs
0:33:44 Weequay 2 from Barge goes in; dragged by tentacle 0:34:30 Added big beak that bites and tentacles
0:34:01 Lando reacts to tentacle around leg 0:34:46 Alternate Take: Longer shot with beak and more tentacles
0:34:03 Lando being pulled in 0:34:50 Added tentacles and beak
0:34:15 Han: “It’s all right. Trust me. Don’t move.” 0:35:00 Han: “It’s all right. I can see a lot better.”

0:35:08 New shot: reaction shot, beak in pain
0:35:45 Skiff flies away 0:36:33 Improved shadow under skiff
0:36:09 Artoo in back of X-Wing 0:36:57 Artoo’s panels are now blue (as in Empire)
1:33:56 Falcon flies thru incoming fighters, 2 appear underneath accidentally 1:34:44 Corrected shot
2:01:42 Death Star II explodes 2:02:30 Recomposite with ring style shockwave and Falcon moved slightly
2:04:10 X-Wings fly R to L with fireworks, then a pair fly L to R 2:04:58 X-Wings fly R to L dissolve to...

2:05:00 Bespin celebration scene, pan left and wipe to...

2:05:11 Tatooine celebration scene, drift left and wipe to...

2:05:19 Coruscant celebration scene, drift left and up
2:04:22 More flyovers, pan down to Ewok fire 2:05:40 Endor celebration scene, with new X-Wings and fireworks, pan down

2:05:46 Added extra fires and FG Ewoks

2:05:48 New shot: Ewoks with drums and horns

2:05:50 New shot: Big bonfire

2:05:58 New shot: HS of group with 2 ewoks in FG

2:06:06 New shot: 3PO by fire

2:06:24 Edit of Previous: Part of Leia and Luke embrace

2:06:26 Lando and Chewie

2:06:28 Remainder of Luke/Leia embrace

Han and Leia hug 2:06:34 Luke and Wedge

2:06:36 Han and Leia hug

2:06:49 Edit of Previous: Cut off begin. and end of Luke looking at Jedi

2:06:54 Edit of Previous: Shortened shot of Jedi (Ben and Yoda)

2:06:56 Cut in on Luke, back to end of Jedi shot (w/ Annakin) and back to Luke and Leia

2:07:10 Edit of Previous: Trimmed head off of final cast shot

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